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Windermere One Way

Swim the length of Lake Windermere #WOW2024

Widely recognised as one of the the toughest open water swimming events on the UK calendar, the Windermere One Way is proper bucket list stuff.

Our Windermere One Way Swim is unique in that every swimmer has their own support paddler. This makes sure that the swimmer has the best swim possible with full safety cover and personalised feed stops.
You will never be out of sight and can swim to your own pace. Swim knowing you have support just a stroke away.


Got questions about this event, or want to know more from people who’ve participated before? Then join the Windermere One Way group on Facebook and ask away…

WOW has been supporting swimmers on the length since 2013. We have a dedicated site for information about our Windermere One Way Swim HERE

We are looking for supporting paddlers for the 17th August 2024.
If you feel you can support a swimmer in this way do get in touch or see our site for further details.
  • Registration: Friday, Venue TBC
  • Event Starts: from 06:45
  • Minimum Age to enter: 18
  • Places available: 130

Event Information


17th August 2024


Fell Foot Park, Windermere, Cumbria (Google Map Directions)


11 miles


from £205